Nexus Tab on the way?

As rumours go, we'd put this one in the 'fairly likely' column. Google is reportedly working with Korean manufacturer LG to make a high-powered tablet computer running an updated version of Google's 'Honeycomb' tablet software.

This would make total sense, given that it's exactly the strategy Google pursued with phones. The first Android phones, like the legendary G1, were made by partner manufacturers who just stuck Android on. But then in 2009, Google worked with HTC to make the Nexus One, which was sold as the definitive 'Google phone'. It raised the bar for Android phones' performance and is still beloved by many geeks. Then last year they did it again, partnering with Samsung to produce the Nexus S. Google uses these devices to set benchmarks for what they see as the minimum standards for running Android well.

And it looks like the Android tablet market could do with a Google-shaped kick up the backside. The much-ballyhooed first Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom, is facing rumours of cancellation in the face of iffy sales, and Honeycomb itself has been described as 'buggy' and 'unfinished.' Putting out a Google tablet with an updated version of Honeycomb would be a great way to establish Android tablets in the market as reliable.

Still, feasible as this sounds it is, for now, just a rumour. We'll let you know if we hear anything more concrete.

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