We review the Nextbase SDV47AM Twin Screen Portable DVD Player system

21st century man is a creature constantly on the move, and more and more our entertainment needs are changing to reflect this. From tiny netbooks to even tinier portable media players, we have been gradually chipping away at both display size and quality in a bid to make our media more accessible. Well there's no longer any need to compromise between quality and portability thanks to the Nextbase SDV47AM Twin Screen Portable DVD Player system.

Weighing in at a svelte 410g (per screen) and measuring a pleasing 206 x 173 x 36.7 mm, theSDV47AM is the ideal accessory for those of us who spend more time travelling than we do at home. Its two 7 inch LCD screens feature a resolution of 480 x 234 pixels (more than adequate for giving solid picture quality).

Perhaps even more important is the fact that the device features a solid anti-shock system, meaning that any bumps or knocks from the minor to the (relatively) major will have little effect on your viewing experience. This will come in particularly handy for those of you who decide to mount it in your car for the kids, because we all know just how smooth those rides can be!

With a serviceable remote control and optional car mounting bracket (for the kids in the back seats) rounding up the package, the Nextbase SDV47AM Twin Screen Portable DVD Player system should offer more than enough to keep even the most dedicated movie buff amused for the duration of most trips.

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