Next level? 50p

Hmm. We can't tell if what we're about to report is good news or not. It's an additional feature for a new games console, which is good overall, we guess. But we fear it'll mean less value for money for gamers.

What on earth are we talking about? Well, Nintendo is smarting over the poor initial sales of its 3DS portable console, and has slashed the price in order to spur take-up and reassure worried software developers that the platform is worth investing in. And it's as part of that ongoing process, we suspect, that Ninty has made this latest announcement: that 'in-game purchasing' is coming to the 3DS in Autumn.

To glom what we mean by 'in-game purchasing', think of the 'in-app purchasing' that you can do on an iPhone. Usually it's for buying extra features, or buying extra content in an app that gives you some for free. But in game world, it means paying for extra levels, weapons or playable characters.

So you can see why we're in mixed minds about this idea. On the one hand, we don't want to see gamers shelling out on games only to find they have to spend yet more money to get a decent lifespan out of them. But on the other, we like the idea of developers having reasons to keep updating existing games - an extra £5 for a few more levels of a beloved game could be good value if you've played all the others to death.

What do you think? Is this a positive step for the 3DS?

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