#newtwitter goes mobile

Apps! Apps! All we ever here nowadays is apps! But what about those of us who don't have a fancy smartphone, but still want to do some cool shizzle on our phones?

The answer is mobile web apps. A couple of years ago the mobile versions of most websites were a bit basic and crappy, but recently with the advent of better phone browsers they've got a lot more powerful. The day is approaching when we won't need apps any more - and it might be sooner than people think.

A case in point: Twitter. After coasting for a while, the 'information network' has been going great guns of late, churning out (and sometimes buying in) official programs for lots of platforms. Just earlier this week, it updated the official app for Mac. But the main way of interacting with it remains the web, and last year the company launched a new version of the site- lovingly nicknamed '#newtwitter' - which offered a bunch of performance enhancements.

Now, it's performed a similar update to the mobile web version of the site - which is great news for those using phones which don't have an official Twitter app. The idea is that web users will get a similar service to those using official apps.

#newmobiletwitter is up and running now, but not all users are being pointed to it, so stay patient. Your phone should start taking you there in the next few weeks.

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