NEWS: BBC iPlayer App

If you have an iPhone then you no doubt already have a form of the iPlayer on there. Although not an app, users until now have had to watch the BBC catch-up service via the mobile optimised iPlayer website. It works, it does the job, it allows you to watch telly on a really really small screen.

Back in November 2009 the BBC announced they were to launch an all-new-feature-heavy iPhone application but because media competitors were a) jealous b) didn’t think of it first, the BBC Trust stepped in and put a ‘pause’ on the bringing it to the app store. That appears to have changed though, according to paidContent:UK the BBC iPlayer app for the iPhone and iPad will be released sometime n February.

It’s not known what the upgraded mobilestreamer will add but social networking is expected to be inter-grated as well as better streaming and picture quality. More importantly we want to know if it’ll run on the 3G network, which Android phones can do already.

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