News about a tablet that isn't the iPad

OK, we know, we know: you're sick of hearing about the iPad 2. Fair enough. Let's talk about something else - the Motorola Xoom!

The Android tablet became the great white hope of the anti-Apple brigade when it wowed the crowds at the CES conference in January. And with its dual-core processor and the latest 'Honeycomb' Android software, it looks like a worthy rival to the iPad 2. So, you want one?

Well, here's the bad news: you can't have one yet. But here's the good news: you can pre-order one! Yes, if you've got money burning a whole in your pocket and you don't want to risk frittering it away on burgers and pants, you can head on over to the PC World website and lay down £500 for, well, the right to own a Xoom at some point.

When? Well, probably April 9th. But maybe not. Anything's possible; it's a live product release. So go on! Go spend £500 on a product you've never seen that will be released at some point. That would almost definitely not be a terrible idea.

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