We check out the N8, the newest Nokia smartphone

The last few years have seen Nokia struggling somewhat when it comes to competing with the likes of Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and even Motorola on the mobile phone front. Despite the fact that they arguably kick started the smartphone craze with their excellent N95 midway through the last decade, it had looked increasingly like technology had passed them by and that they were no longer going to be able to compete with the more established and forward thinking companies.

However, the release of the excellent N8, the newest Nokia smartphone, has shown that this simply isn't the case. Heralded as the real swansong of the Symbian operating system, the N8 looks set to be Nokia's last handset to feature their in-house developed OS before they make the switch over to Google's Android system.

While many people have been saying for quite some time now that this was a switch that needed to happen if Nokia were to have any chance of regaining top spot in the mobile phone sector, it still comes as a surprise that they have complete abandoned a system that they were trying to hard to push up until as recently as six months ago.

Fortunately the N8 manages to iron out all the problems that the system suffered with (at last) in order to delivery what is undoubtedly Nokia's best phone for at least five years. An excellent touch screen interface, strong design and well built chassis perfectly suit all the raw power under the hood to make this as good a Symbian device as will ever be seen.

The battery life, camera and HDMI output make this stand up against even the most advanced handsets in the Android market, and for the great price of as little as £10 per month with Dial A Phone on a 2 year contract you'll be getting a real top quality phone for a great price.

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