New XBox controller is a transformer

Here's a fun fact about D-pads, the digital widget that's central to most consoles' control system. You see a Wii controller, how its D-pad is a simple plastic cross? Nintendo owns the patent to that design, which is why every other manufacturer has to come up with a weird alternative - PlayStation's four separate pieces, or the XBox's cross-disc hybrid.

That XBox D-Pad hasn't won any fans, though, over the years, critics saying its rounded nature makes it imprecise. Now, Microsoft has come up with something better, albeit rather odd. The new wireless controller for XBox features a transforming D-Pad!

At first sight it looks like a normal XBox D-Pad, but give it a click and a twist, and the cross part raises up to become more precise. It's intended to give you the option of more precision while letting you stow the cross away when you're using the analogue controller instead.

We realise this sounds confusing, so let this video below explain.

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