New Tricks

Time was you couldn’t do an article on a game starring Lara Croft without some sort of smutty reference to the fact she wears very short shorts and has big boobies. Way back when, you couldn’t move for wannabe models trussing themselves up as the (admittedly nicely designed) computer game character, in order to get their face in the papers. Glory days for the saddos amongst us, eh?

Still, while the old girl doesn’t appear to be front page news anymore, she sure does have the ability to crank out a good game; like the new arcade shooter Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light, which drew lots of positive attention for itself at E3 and is being released soon on Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and Steam. Best of all, we have a nice gameplay-filled trailer for you, so check it out. It looks a lot of fun.

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