New things coming to Freeview

If you have a Freeview box under your telly (and if you don’t have one of these or a Sky box you really are missing out), then make sure you re-tune it at some point tomorrow, as you’ll be getting some new channels and other lovely extras that will make your telly a happy chappy.

If you’ve never done it before, it’s pretty simple. Re-scan for new channels with your remote control, and Channel 5 will pop up for more than half a million users, meaning that you can watch Neighbours and all kinds of daft late night poker programming. Oh and another new channel called Quest is coming, but no-one cares about that.

Even better than that though, is the priming for HD content which will be coming down the pipe. With ITV and BBC being broadcast in HD by the end of the year, you can have free HD content in your home. Although you’ll need a brand new box for it, so it won’t be free at all. Confused? So are we.

Anyway, retune your box after lunchtime tomorrow and everything will become clear.

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