New study shows that gaming reduces stress

Feeling stressed out like the kid below? Are Yoga, Pilates and three litres of herbal tea just not cutting the mustard in the fatigue and tension stakes? Well just head out and get your greasy mitts on a Nintendo DS or Wii, because according to a new study from East Carolina University occasional gaming is a great way to keep stress at bay.

Obviously we haven't actually read the report and the fact that it was sponsored by the gaming company PopCap means that it's probably not the most objective of studies. Unsurprisingly the scientists recommend large doses of PopCap's game Peggle to help reduce psychological tension, anger, depression, vigor, fatigue and confusion.

But here at DigitalEdge towers we've been looking for a valid excuse to play GTA IV 24/7 all weekend and the boffins at East Carolina University have just provided us with a solid gold excuse. Time to get stressed.

Stressed out German kid

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