New search engine Kosmix plans to take on Google

A few months ago we brought you the news of Cuil, a new start-up company that was supposed to challenge Google's hegemony of the search engine market. The site now appears to have disappeared into the ether but another new contender is set to take on the might of Google.

Kosmix is a silicon valley based start-up backed by Time Warner, Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon and an investor in Facebook, and Ed Zander the former chief of Motorola. Like all of Google's competitiors, Kosmix claims to have taken internet search to a new level.

Instead of just producing text results Kosmix also provides visual and audio content based on the terms searched for. The technology behind the site was created by Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan the people behind Junglee.

While they hope to carve out a slice of the search engine market the two boffins behind Kosmix were quick to point out the pros and cons of their site in relation to Google: "If you want a specific piece of information you use search and Google is your best bet." Rajaraman told the Guardian.

"But sometimes we are not looking for such a specific piece of information but something broader. It's not just text, it's not just facts, it's more like exploring than finding. You're not searching, you're browsing."

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