New search engine Cuil aims to take on Google

A group of former Google employees have launched a rival search engine called Cuil to try and challenge their former employer's dominance. The founders of the new company claim that their search engine is more efficient than Google as it is better at indexing online information.

According to the site's founders, the technology used by Cuil is able to understand both the context as well as the concept of each search request. Instead of looking at the number of links to and from a page, as Google does, Cuil's developers claim that the new search engine attempts to understand more about the actual content.

Cuil, pronounced 'cool', displays search results in a magazine format rather than the obligatory list. The site is easy on the eye and the 'Explore by Category' is a nice touch. It contextualises your search results giving you wider options, e.g. a search for James Brown gives you the option to explore the Godfather of Soul's discography, lyrics and the members of his various bands.

Web analysts, however, believe that Cuil will struggle to take on Google. It remains to be seen if the new challenger can really take on the market leader or if it will join the long list of contenders, e.g. Vivisimo, Snap, Mahalo and Powerset, who have tried and failed to carve out a share of Google's pie.

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