New revelations

We’ve already had a decent amount of info about Assassin’s Creed Revelations, most of it really cool sounding: Now a key man at Ubisoft has spoken about the plot, what it means for Ezio and Altair. Their story is coming to an end, basically, and it’s time to say goodbye.

The game’s creative director Alexandre Amancio has said that Assassin’s Creed 3 will feature entirely new characters, and that all the key plot threads relating to the current trilogy will be tied up at the end of the Revelations. Unfortunately he didn’t tell Game Informer exactly how they would be tied up, but then that would spoiling everything, wouldn’t it?

‘A lot of things were set up with things like Minerva, with Juno, a lot of details about the end of the world plotline in 2012,' he said. 'As we're getting closer and closer to the 2012 marker the franchise is sort of concluding its major opus.

‘This game is where we're setting the record straight. We're closing all the loops that have been started that have been left in suspense and we're going to reveal not only a lot of stuff about the first civilisation plotline but we're also going to conclude the Ezio and Altiar storylines.

‘We're going to explain why Ezio is such an important character in the franchise, what his actual role is in all of that plotline, what role Altair plays in that destiny and ultimately what role Desmond plays in all that stuff. So we're sort of creating a nexus if you will in Revelations that will sort of align the destinies of all three major characters of the franchise and in one fell swoop we're going to reveal a lot of the elements that surround that mystery.’

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