New on the MIX Part 2, its Del.icio.us to Digg

Not content with a new comments feature, the bearded, nocturnal-vision-enabled tech gurus at Excite have also added another cool feature to the new bar at the bottom of your viewer (the screen that pops up when you read your favourite WebTwitcher post)

The "Add this Entry to" section lets you put your favourite stories direct on to Del.icio.us, Digg or Newsvine. Arrggh! I hear you cry...what are these funny sounding sites you're throwing at me?? I've only just learnt that the best way to view my favourite web content is on the MIX via RSS. And I still don't know what RSS stands for...!! (see here to end perpetual confusion forever).

The sites mentioned above are social bookmarking sites - basically shared lists of user-generated content, bookmarks or favourites. Articles are sumbitted by, voted and commented on by users. You can find WebTwitcher's page on Newsvine for example.

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