New Mortal Kombat trailer

We’ve not been convinced by what we’ve seen of the new version of Mortal Kombat so far: the footage that’s been leaked by NetherRealm Studios had made the game seems a lot cheesier than we remember the original being, and the character development side of things looked to us as though it was being played up for simple laughs. Which doesn’t really work if you’re then pummelling the poop out of your opponent, and then finishing them.

Anyway, as you can see form the trailer below, there’s something not quite right about the way the fighting is presented, and the less said about the comedy the better. It stars Hollywood loudmouth Johnny Cage, and in-between bashing up opponents he’s also being unconscionably rude to everyone around his, and trying to chat up any ladies that he steps into the ring with. Before slapping them up, of course.

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