New Modern Warfare 3 trailer fails to impress

You’d think that the number of first-person-shooters out there would make Activision step up its publicity game somewhat. What with the likes of Brink, Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 all making waves, there’s a danger that the Call of Dutyseries could end up lagging behind its rivals. However they don’t seem to be that bothered, if this trailer for Modern Warfare 3 anything to go by: it looks like a rehash of exactly the same old CoD tropes, and isn’t particularly exciting for it.

The latest game, which will be released on 11 August, sees you battling in a variety of big cities, including New York, London, Paris and Berlin. Once again there will be some sort of conspiracy theory underpinning it all, and the idea that in the end, we’re the good guys, even if we’re flying across the world killing civilians and generally causing mayhem. We’ll probably still buy it, mind you.

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