New L.A Noir trailer released

Rockstar have released another tantalising trailer for their latest big budget release: L.A. Noir. The detective-‘em-up, which is set in the 1940s Los Angeles of Philip Marlowe, is already top of our list of must-haves for this year, and every time the developer releases something new we get just that little bit more excited.

This time out we get more detail into how the investigating of cases works, with the searching of crime scenes for clues and the interrogation of suspects given a neat showcase. We’re mildly concerned that the options presented by the game’s system (you either chose to believe your suspect or not, basically, and you have about four options for every answer you receive) will make the investigating a bit shallow. However, the voice acting and face animation looks spectacular, and we’ve got enough trust in Rockstar that they’ll pull it off for us. You will, won’t you guys?

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