New L.A Noir trailer

We’ve already been waxing lyrical about how good L.A Noir is going to be, pretty much since it was first announced all those months back. This is mostly because Rockstar know how to make an immersive gaming experience, but also because of the evidence we’ve been given from the developer so far, which has shown amazing facial animation and an incredible rendering of 1940s Los Angeles. Today we have an even bigger hint that this game is going to be a stone-cold classic.

Rockstar have released a new trailer for the game, which looks to be the first of a series, much along the lines of what they did for Red Dead Redemption. In it they show off some more of the interrogation mechanics, but also how you examine evidence and deal with brawls, car chases and fire fights, all of which look ace. The one bum note is switching from a scene in which you’re thoughtfully interrogating a suspect to a mad shootout, in which you become a stock video game character, complete with health bar and the ability to take bullets. Hopefully the transition will be smoother in the context of playing the game.

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