New LA Noir screenshots released

A couple of days ago Rockstar promised a new update to the pre-release promotional material for L.A Noir, their brand new detective-‘em-up set in the 1940s. However so far we don’t have any of the good stuff we were promised: i.e. a behind the scenes look at the game and the motion capture techniques the may well make the game a true technological leap forward.

So for those of you who are still slobbering and waiting for that good stuff, we can present to you some new screenshots from the game. They’re more of the same as far as we’re concerned, but the line-up pic look interesting, especially if it ends up forming a part of your investigations.

‘Today, we present a brand new selection of exclusive screenshots from L.A. Noire,’ said Rockstar Network, ‘showing a glimpse of investigating crime scenes, examining lineups of suspects and other gritty detective work you'll experience in next spring's crime thriller.

‘Stay tuned for a special look behind the scenes of the advanced motion scan technology used in the game, coming soon.’

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