New iPod Touch spotted in the wild

Why none of the current models of Apple’s iPod Touch don’t have a camera have baffled its users since it was first launched 3 years ago. Its cooler brother, the iPhone, has had one (and looks set to get a second one soon too) for donkey’s years.

Rumours that the iPod Touch would be getting a much needed camera surfaced last Autumn when the new model was about to be unveiled, but much to the bemusement of all, the only addition was a storage capacity update to 64GB. However, according to Vietnamese gadget site Tinhte the incoming generation of the Touch has been spotted in the wild and at last it has a camera. Whilst it's not front facing, it's a camera nonetheless.

This is the closest we’ll get to a full-on admission straight from Steve Jobs' mouth that the Touch will be upgraded with a camera, but as usual we’ll need to wait until we get official confirmation from the Apple CEO which could be at their keynote speech on the 7th June. Fingers crossed.

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