New GTA coming soon?

Rumours abound that Rockstar Games could be making a Grand Theft Auto V-related announcement at this year’s E3 expo, which takes place in only two week’s time. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone has suggested that, fresh from the success of Red Dead Redemption, they would attempt to steal the show, but this time someone has offered evidence.

Someone calling themselves ‘mrblack’ has sent an email to Game Reactor with an image attached of what they claim to be an ‘internal use’ ESA (E3’s governing body) schedule sheet with a list of games, including a ‘first look’ at Grand Theft Auto V: Vice. Which would be magnificent if true, but unfortunately doesn’t seem to stand up to scrutiny.

As GR notes, taking a picture with a camera of a screen, instead of just taking a snapshot in Windows is a bit of a daft thing to do for someone involved in a techy wonderland like E3, and having a blurry picture just screams amateur hour. Also, the use of an image file rather than PDF or Word Document seems both unprofessional and makes it more likely to have been tampered with. Shame really, but we can dream, eh?

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