Check out theses new free online hidden object games!

It can be hard finding new free online hidden object games. While the genre is growing it is by no means huge, that's not to say that there aren't some really great free titles out there.

Hidden object games are really begging to find a home on both PCs and games consoles. There is just something incredibly relaxing about finding a list of hidden objects in a cool location. Recently people have really started to put stories into these games, mysteries that you find yourself really wanting to solve.

Phantasmat: Phantasmat does a great job of throwing you straight into a mystery style game that you will not be able to get enough of. It starts with you crashing off a country road and finding an 'abandoned' hotel in the forest. You soon realise that there are supernatural inhabitants and you must search the hotel for clues to help get you back on the road. This is an eerie game that will have you hooked in an instant!

Amazing Adventures - The Forgotten Dynasty: this is a series of game that has in many ways lead the pack. This addition is no exception. There are lots of great mysteries to solve and the scenery to search in is beautiful to behold. It is set in China so as you can imagine each set is stunningly designed with a real visual flare that you simply don't see in hidden object games.

The campaign is big on this so you can expect hours of searching through amazing locations. There are also hidden games modes to unlock, as far as hidden object games go, it doesn't get much better than this.

The good news is that both these titles are available on the Hidden-Object-Games (hidden-object-games.com) website along with many others. These are two of the best you will come across so if you are looking for new free online hidden object games, these are the two worth checking out.


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