New Fifa 12 gameplay video released

Yet more Fifa 12 news, although this time of a more interesting, and positive kind: EA has released a new gameplay trailer in time for the start of E3, which begins on Monday. In it they once again detail the Impact Engine, as well as the Precision Dribbling and Tactical Defending, which hopefully will stop full backs being so amazingly rubbish, and defenders constantly being pulled 20 yards deeper than any of their teammates for no discernable reason.

In truth it doesn’t show us much more than we’ve already seen, but we’ve already shown you the PES 2012trailer it seems only fair that we give you the Fifa one for comparison. We’ll be a lot more enthusiastic about the game once they’ve shown us if and how these new features will materially affect the way we play the game. If they don’t do this then they’re just gimmicks.

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