New FIFA 10 video released

There are some people out there who still think that Pro Evolution Soccer is the superior football title. Let’s get this straight once and for all: PES was once the daddy. It shone like a beacon for any football fan who wanted to genuinely feel like they were playing a real game. PES’s 1 and 3 were possibly the finest pieces of sports programming ever made, and it raised the bar to levels that FIFA just couldn’t compete with. It also gave lots of people the chance to say ‘oh, you’re still playing FIFA, are you?’ in a snooty fashion.

However, in the last few years Konami have got lazy, and its next-gen versions have been nothing short of appalling. Add to that the fact that it was incredibly hard to edit the game like it once had been (Hello again, London FC), and that FIFA really got its act together with FIFA 09, and you have a clear winner.

This year it looks to be the same again, with all the videos of PES looking like the same old game, only with added gimmicks like the fiddly and annoying ability cards, which involve you pausing a game to use an ability a good player has, completely disrupting the flow of the game.

Digital Edge is putting its considerable girth behind FIFA for the time being, so it’s best to check out the new basic instructions vid above, and see just how much FIFA 10 looks like the early PES’s. Should be good.

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