New Fallout: New Vegas footage

The first 20 minutes of gameplay from Fallout: New Vegas have been put on everyone’s favourite video website YouTube. Hopefully this will help fans of the series decide whether they’re going to buy the game, which is already out in the USA and is released here on Friday, or not.

The three vids give us a decent amount of content, with the first clip ahowing us the opening film-style scenes that establish the game, and a detailed look at the character creator, while the second and third videos show us the first ten minutes or so of gameplay. Whoever it was who was playing the game as painfully slow however, as he/she spends most of their time charging about the doctor’s office and doing little but steal things from cupboards. We’re also a bit peeved that the dialogue is only in text (which seems very last-gen to us) and that the player’s animations seems very unrealistic. Fingers crossed that the game delivers the RPG/shooter delights that we expect, eh?

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