New Facebook feature

If you’re on Facebook, which you no doubt are, then you may be familiar with the little feature Facebook Groups. It’s nothing special, it's just a basic means of grouping your friends so you can message bespoke groups automatically. Anyway, it’s got a bit of facelift.

Instead of painfully having to email certain batches of friends by clicking each friend everytime you message that group, the new Facebook Group allows you to set up permanent groups of friends. User can now round-up a max of 250 friends per group, so if you want to show photos of you on that stag do, there’s no need to worry if your boss sees it. Just make sure you don’t accidentally invite them to part of that Facebook Group.

A nice touch is that each group you create will be give a unique email address. So you can email them all in one simple click. That Mark Zuckerberg thinks of everything doesn’t he? He'll go a long way.

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