New downloadable content for the PS3

A new download service is set to hit the PS3 with all kinds of content, that is downloadable. Hardly a surprise, but anything new has got to be a good thing, right?

VidZone are providing a new application on the PS3 that allows you to download loads of stuff from Sony BMG, EMI and loads of other independent labels. With it you'll be able to do lots of fairly standard things, like build playlists and a video library, and you will have access to interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff. It's quite natty, as some Sony flunky explains.

'Music has always been popular on PS3 and now VidZone is set to transform the way we view music videos by letting you completely tailor your experience and is just one more reason for PS3 to be the most valued player in your living room.' See?

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