New cases have got your iPad 2's back

When the iPad 2 was launched, it might have been the first technological gadget in history to attract more headlines for its case than for the device itself. Apple's Smart Cover, with its clip-on magnets and crazy coating that actually cleans the iPad's screen - not to mention its ability to fold up and act as a stand - was basically a gigantic big blob of awesomeness squeezed into a piece of fabric. And in a stroke, it seemed the booming industry churning out iPad cases was finished.

But! Not so fast. Because the Smart Cover does have one flaw: while it protects the front of your iPad beautifully, it leaves the back uncovered. This isn't a huge problem in terms of usability - scratches on the back don't get in the way of your using the device, the way scratches on the front do. But it's far from ideal if you're considering selling your iPad, or just if you want to keep it pristine.

So the iPad case is back - as a way to protect the, er, back. And you could do worse than the Speck. It's a slender case that slips over the back of the iPad, leaving you with access to all the ports and bits and bobs, while still allowing you to use the Smart Cover on the front.

Not got a Smart Cover? The Speck also comes in an all-over version. Interested? You'll need to order from the US, but a case and shipping together should set you back less than £50.

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