New Battlefield 3 trailer released

The more we see of Battlefield 3 the more impressed we are: we’ve already seen one of the most spectacular trailers of the year so far, now EA has released another, this time a mixture of cinematic in-game footage and gameplay, with moody music and magazine quotes filled with superlatives. It's called 'My Life' and it’s well worth a look, even if most of it we’ve seen before.

However, should this not float your boat then you have an opportunity to get some more, newer footage: make your way to the Battlefield 3 Facebook page and click ‘like’. Once 1,000,000 likes have been registered EA will release a full 12-minute long trailer, complete with developer commentary. However we currently stand at 2,139 likes, so you’d best get you mates in gear, and spread the word.

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