New Apple iPod Touch

Where the 6th Generation iPod Nano left many feeling bemused at the Apple conference in San Francisco yesterday (1st Sept) the iPod Touch won a whole new army of fans. The Touch became an immediate winner when it launched in 2007 thanks to its simple ability to not only be a fine portable mp3 player but also for being wi-fi enabled; allowing for easy web surfing. All at for well under £200, what's not to love?

So what has the new iPod 4th Generation have? Well, like the iPhone 4 it has the splendid addition of the high res. retina display, but the killer add-on is an HD 720p camera AND a front-facing camera - yes - for Apple’s latest baby FaceTime (video phone calls).

The only question mark on the new iPod Touch is the rather surprising absence of a 16GB storage model; the choice is either to go for the much smaller 8GB for £189 or pay £60 more for the 32GB. There’s also a monster 64GB for £329. Either way the uber-geeks can shut their whining about a lack of a camera on the Touch, it now boasts TWO.

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