New Apple iPod Nano

Yesterday say the iPod Nano get its biggest overhaul since it first burst onto the scene some three years ago. September has long been the ‘refresh’ month for the iPod range but digi fans haven’t been left convinced by the brand new sixth Generation of its once super popular Nano.

It was only 12 months ago that Steve Jobs et el were raving about the revolutionary addition of a top notch video camera to the Nano, but the new model has removed not only that but any form of camera full stop. Instead the design gets a huge makeover turning from an pocket-friendly oblong to a perfect square device, reducing its size by a whopping 46 per cent AKA an inch and a half square. It also follows along with the move from its smarter cousins the iPod Touch and iPhone to an all in one multitouch display: yes goodbye clickwheel and hello millions of swipes to get to an album you like.

Although it now has a very similar home screen to the iPhone don’t be fooled, as it’s merely for show (it’s very easy to use too, obvs) and doesn’t have wi-fi capabilities. But as well as retaining its excellent song-tagging FM radio it’s now added a pedometer (for all your runners out there) and a nifty clip on the back.

The new iPod Nano 4th Generation retails at £129 (8GB) and £159 (16GB) and hits shop shelves from next week.

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