New app kills Twitter TV spoilers

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Life problems you never knew you had can usually be solved by an app. That's the message we can take from the invention of Twivo, an extension that allows you to filter out spoiler comments from Twitter before an eagerly-anticipated edition of your favourite show.

This distinctly First World problem might not seem all that pressing. After all, there is no imperative to scan Twitter discussions an hour before the next episode of Dr Who, Britain's Got Talent, Glee or whatever show the average arrested development TV-Twitter addict is following. Ah, but that would be to deny yourself the regular delights of inane and mildly offensive off-the-cuff remarks that clog the Twitterverse.

Jennie Lamere, 17 year-old from New Hampshire has solved that problem with an app that means Twitter addicts can stay connected while knowing that they are safe from that bigmouth who wants to tell everybody that Dr Who saves the world by kissing a Dalek or whatever.

Lamere entered Twivo in a Boston coding competition and took home the prize for "best use of sync-to-broadcast", whatever that means, as well as the "best in show" accolade. Just to really annoy all the professional developers who had entered, the teenager had the idea the night before the competition.

She quickly attracted commercial interest from tech company Furious Minds. "We're always interested in convergence between TV and social media," CEO Ashley Swarz said. "Jen's hack was awesome, not to mention she did the entire thing herself."

Twivo is an add-on to the Google Chrome browser, blocking out specific references on Twitter to selected shows, leaving the user with a happily redacted Twitter account that won't spoil their enjoyment. Although it's not clear how easy it is to circumvent by some devious tweeter just omitting to mention the show title and writing, say, "that Brit show about the Time Lord right, well guess what OMG . . . "

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