Never miss another call

You're out on the town. The bar is noisy. Your jeans are unfashionably loose-fitting. Your friends are trying to find you. Your phone is ringing and vibrating in your pocket, and you're blissfully unaware. You take it out when you nip to the loo and - five (increasingly irate) missed calls!

Sound familiar? If you're on Android, you can never miss another call - at least, if you're prepared to look a bit geeky - with this funky new SonyEricsson 'LiveView' gadget. A small Bluetooth-powered one-inch screen, it remains in constant contact to your screen and vibrates when your phone rings. You strap it to your wrist or clip it to your jacket. You can also use it to control music on your phone, check messages, and do various other little tasks.

Best of all, SonyEricsson have opened it up for other Android developers, so there's the potential for nifty new applications in future. The SonyEricsson LiveView is out now, at a very reasonable £50. It doesn't work with all Android phones though, so hit up the SonyEricsson website to check if you're in the club.

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