Network printer explained

Normally network printers are laserjet although there are some inkjets although these are rare due to their slower speed. Inkjet printers are normally used for the occasional printing job and certainly not high quality volume. So most offices and businesses will use a laser which can print circa 30 pages per minute of clean, clear copy which is also of economic benefit as laserjet cartridges cost less to print per page (text).

Let’s assume then that you have your laserjet printer and you want to integrate it into your existing hardware network. First of all you have to decide who will be using the printer, should any restrictions (e.g. colour printing) apply, would it be prudent to have the printer password controlled? If you print out secure files regularly you may wish to consider a printer which can print direct from a USB device.

Another important consideration of the network printer is cost; not only the initial purchase cost but the long-running consumable expenditure and the durability of the hardware. If, for example, your business prints into the thousands of pages on a monthly basis then the small difference between a cost of 1 ½ p per page and 2p per page piece of kit will start to make a real difference. With colour too let’s say a colour page costs 5 ½ p to print – or it can cost double that depending upon the cost of cartridges.  In a nutshell the cheapest printer is not always the cheapest printer.

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