All About Network Laser Printers

A printer is a device that converts digital data in physical information, usually onto media such as paper.  Connecting the printer to a source of information, either a computer, a memory card or even a digital camera, can be done either wirelessly or through the use of a USB cable.  The most expensive printers often have other capabilities built into their design, such as photocopying and faxing.

Network printers are specifically intended to be used as a hub for all users assigned to that particular network.  These interfaces are usually maintained wirelessly, although network printers can be used both locally and through the network system simultaneously.  Let's take a look at some of the most popular network laser printers on the market.

Brother HL-2250DN Compact Network Mono Laser Printer

A smaller printer ideally suited for homes and small offices, the Brother HL-2250DN is small, but good value for money.  With a maximum print resolution of 600dpi, the HL-2250DN is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible and is capable of printing 26 pages per minute, both in mono and colour settings.  Available for approximately £130, the HL-22DN is available to buy on tesco.com.

Brother HL-4140CN A4 Colour Laser

The Brother HL-4140CN is slightly more expensive at approximately £220 and has a print speed of up to 22 pages per minute both in black and white and colour settings.  With a maximum resolution of 2400 dpi x 600 dpi and a processor of 400 MHz, this printer is both wired and ethernet enabled.  If you are looking to purchase this printer, try dabs.com.

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