Fixing the Netflix Black Screen

Having the screen go black right when you are in the middle of one of your favorite shows can be extremely frustrating. If your Netflix has been acting up and a black screen has overtaken your computer, don't worry. Here are a few tips that will fix your Netflix Black screen and get you back up and viewing in no time.

Easy Fix

There are two main reasons why a Netflix Black Screen may be appearing. First, it could be that a there is a computer setting that is preventing the Silverlight plugin from storing files it needs in order to play the show. If that is not the issue it could be that the problem lies in the Silverlight plugin itself. This plugin is necessary to play movies and tv shows on the computer.

So how do we figure out how to identify and fix this problem? How you resolve this issue will depend a little on if you are a Mac or Window user, but overall the steps are similar to each other.

Step 1: Troubleshoot your browser by restarting it, trying a different browser, or clearing the browser of any cookies. If none of these work, it could be Silverlight Plugin which leads us to step 2.

Step 2: Uninstall and then reinstall the plugin. How you uninstall it will depend on what version of Windows you have. For all of them though you need to first quit the browser and then locate the where the plug in is on your computer. Then bin it and reinstall it.

Step 3:Problem with Anti-virus software

Anti-virus software such as Webroot, Kaspersky, Immunet, or Intego VirusBarriermay be getting in the way. Disable this software and they try and watch the show again and see if it works.

Trial and Error

In order to fix the Netflix black screen, try these different tips and see if they solve the problem. It may take some patience and a lot of trial and error, but eventually it should get fixed. Even though it is annoying, you will be back watching your show in no time!

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