Net-A-Porter release print magazine to support their website

Luxury online fashion shop Net-A-Porter has released a new print magazine to supplement their online presence. The magazine will be published bi-monthly and the fashion retailer are promising that 400,000 copies of Porter magazine will be made available across 60 countries. The firm are hoping that the new magazine will bring customers to their website through its innovative mobile app that connects readers to its ecommerce store which stocks collections from over 350 celebrity designers like Stella McCartney, Burberry Prorsum, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs.

The magazine is full of adverts as you’d expect from all fashion magazine, but with this one the ads can be used to link to the advertiser’s website. Porter isn’t the first interactive publication in the world but it’s unique because it’s a new magazine that was created with digital in mind. All other publications that use the same sort to technology are existing print magazines with a digital layer added.

Net-A-Porter has completed changed their iPhone app to accommodate the new magazine so it's easier to use. The scanning tool shows the user each of the logos that appear on the magazine’s pages and gives a description of them so you know what sort of content to expect. Every page of Porter has some form of digital content so you can see just how much thought and planning has gone into the magazine. Maybe this level of detail explains the choice to print bi-monthly rather than monthly. Users can shop for products they see on the page using the 'shop' icon, which might lead to some impulse online shopping, or click 'find/website' to link to a third party site. There's a 'concierge' icon that is described as the ‘VIP brand’s personal shopping service’ or you can click 'video' if you want to sit back and watch a presentation.

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