Nerds and control freaks of the World unite!

Tired of the Sims and its many spin-offs? World of Warcraft's no longer rocking every moment of your waking life and ruining your university studies? Then look no further. 2008 will finally see the long anticipated release of the multi-platform god game Spore.

Spore was created by the legendary Will Wright (Pacman, The Sims). It'll allow gamers to design and control the evolution of a species from the bacteria stage all the way up to intelligent life and intergalactic exploration. You'll literally be playing god. Creationists look away now!

Both World of Warcraft and the Sims have caused gamers to lose their jobs, develop acne and not go to the bathroom for weeks on end. Just see the South Park episode Make Love, Not Warcraft! So Spore is sure to have gamers losing their girlfriends, eating bad take away food, piling on the pounds and seeing no sunlight for years to come.

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