Need for Speed Most Wanted free download, demo full game

Need for Speed Most Wanted free download, demo the full game and see if the latest in the series is the right racer for you.

Need for Speed has been around for years and has always held a pole position in the racing genre. With the success of 'Burnout: Paradise' the Need for Speed team at EA wanted to do something a little different.

They tried to go even bigger than the Underground series with their story for this game. You have to work your way through a Blacklist of 15 of the 'Most Wanted' street racers in Rockport. As you can imagine this leads to some great over the top races and police pursuits.

The game is an arcade style non-stop action thrillfest with each race getting progressively more difficult to complete. You are pretty much constantly under the watchful eye of Rockports police department so you will need to polish your getaway driving skills fast!

The game came out in 2005 so it can be picked up online for very cheap. You can find it on Amazon (amazon.com) for only £10 but if you want to get a taste of the game for free then why not check out the demo?

Just hit up the Cnet (cnet.com) website and grab yourself a demo of this 2005 classic. It's a fantastic game and is well worth the £10 should you choose to purchase it.

Check out Need for Speed Most wanted free: download a full game demo today and see if this is the racing title for you!


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