Looking for NDS roms free to download in the UK?

If you're an avid video game player then you'll no doubt be aware of a device called the R4DS card which enables gamers to download all the latest games from the internet, transfer them to the card and play them free of charge on their Nintendo DS console.

While this might sound like a real bargain, especially given the fact that most gamers pay between £30-40 for a brand new Nintendo DS title, there are a number of things that you really should be aware of before you go looking for one of these cartridges. Firstly, and this is by far the most important thing that you need to know, they are highly illegal.

While you might be thinking "downloading a few games isn't going to hurt anyone" you should really stop to think about what exactly your search for sites offering NDS roms free to download in the UK can mean for the gaming industry. Games these days take years and millions of pounds to develop, and while their prices can be quite high, the amount of entertainment you get out of a game is much more than you would get from a BluRay or DVD of a movie that costs about half as much.

In many cases, rather than the two hours you'll get from a DVD, a game can provide you with months of amusement. Isn't it therefore only right that the people who created these games get paid for their work? In our opinion it is, and we would urge anyone who is considering piracy to stop and think about the knock on effect that their actions could have for the gaming industry in the long term.

If nobody buys these games, companies will simply stop making them. Instead, we recommend that you search online for bargains on websites like amazon.co.uk and play.com, two sites who regularly offer NDS titles for a fraction of their regular retail price without needing to break the law.


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