We look at why NDS games free for download for R4 aren't a good thing

The last five or six years has seen a huge increase in the popularity of video games among not only established gamers, but also the general public at large, thanks in no small part to the excellent efforts of japanese company Nintendo. While video games were often seen as the realm of the spotty teenager, locked away in a dark room for hours on end and only emerging in order to eat, Nintendo has worked wonders in order to change public perception of the hobby.

Thanks to its DS and Wii range of consoles, video games have now become an accepted part of modern life, with families, women, middle aged and elderly people now deciding to purchase their very first consoles thanks to the easy to pick up and play style that has become synonymous with the Nintendo brand.

Unfortunately, the success of these consoles has also led to a huge increase in the amount of piracy being carried out. While many people defend their choice to illegally hunt down NDS games free for download for R4 cartridges and other systems like it by claiming that video games are too expensive for them to afford, there are a number of things that are worth remembering.

Firstly, games are so expensive because developers must factor piracy into the price. Some of the top games can be illegally downloaded millions of times, which means a huge loss in potential earnings for their developers. Secondly, the more people pirate the less likely it is that we're going to see as much choice and quality on offer in the future, due to the amount of development studios that are being forced to close down due to poor sales these days.

Before you turn to piracy, we urge you to take a look at some of the great prices on DS games available on sites such as play.com or amazon.co.uk, or even on auction sites like eBay.co.uk. You're sure to pick up some real bargains, without resorting to breaking the law!


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