NBA 2k15 cheats and codes

The 16th instalment of the popular NBA video game is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. We’ll take a look at some NBA 2k15 cheats that’ll let you get more out of the game.
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Enter the main menu and then select Options followed by Features. Choose Locker Codes and then enter one of the following.

  • "IWATCHEDNBA2KTV" gets an extra 1,000 VC
  • "PAYRESPECT" allows you to unlock the ABA ball

Top young players

The following are a selection of the top young players to watch out for which you can access through in MyGM mode.

Orlando Magic

  • Elfrid Payton: 20 years old with 74 overall rating
  • Nikola Vucevic: 23 years old with 80 overall rating
  • Victor Oladipo: 22 years old with 78 overall rating

Minnesota Timberwolves

  • Andrew Wiggins: 19 years old with 77 overall rating
  • Ricky Rubio: 23 years old with 79 overall rating
  • Zach LaVine: 19 years old with 72 overall rating

Philadelphia 76ers

  • Joel Embiid: 20 years old with 77 overall rating
  • Michael Carter-Williams: 22 years old with 80 overall rating
  • Nerlens Noel: 20 years old with 76 overall rating


  • Buzzer Beater: Make a game winning shot with no time left on the clock.
  • Circus Shot: Make a shot from beyond the half-court line in any game.
  • Cover Me: Score 54 points with Kevin Durant in a game.
  • Human Torched: Score 22 points in one quarter with Stephen Curry.
  • It's Raining: Make 15 or more three-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game.
  • Kit And Kaboodle: Earn every trophy in NBA 2K15.
  • Motor Like No Other: Get 10 offensive rebounds in a non-simulated game.
  • Perfect Practice Makes Perfect: Make 7 perfect release jump shots in a single game.
  • Run 'N' Gun: Make a three-pointer off of a fast-break in a non-simulated game.
  • Trip-Dub: Record a triple-double with any player in a non-simulated game.

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