Naughty bits avoidance system

Good ol' ChatRoulette. The video-networking site seemed so fresh and exciting when it debuted earlier this year... for about five minutes. After that, it just seemed a bit creepy and weird. The reason? Primarily, the fact that once the idea caught on about half the people on the site were showing off their nude naughty bits.

Why so many people get a thrill out of inflicting their private parts on unsuspecting surfers we don't know - especially when there are plenty of places you can show such things off for an audience that's actually looking for it. But for whatever reason, it's become a bit of an epidemic on ChatRoulette - so much so, in fact, that Apple's recent app store guidelines expressly named the service as one which wouldn't be allowed, as a 'substantial proportion' of the content was pornographic.

On top of all of that, the site also has money problems. Now, though, it's found an ingenious solution to both problems. It's struck a deal with the porn website Hustler. Now, if a ChatRoulette user is reported for dirty behaviour one too many times, they get redirected from the site to Hustler's page. Perverts get distracted by porn, Hustler pays ChatRoulette for the privilege, and everyone's happy. Well, except the people who used to go to ChatRoulette to look for willies.

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