Natal will be revolutionary

Yesterday we had some guy (who is a bit of a name among those in the know) ranting about how the Wii isn’t really a games machine, and was more like a virus. Which frankly we thought was harsh, given that we enjoy Wii games as much as the next fun-loving innuendo practitioner.

However the Wii has shown the others the way, and given that both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 will be having motion control peripherals released for them in the future, it seems that Nintendo were right all along, even if they were stupid enough to make a machine that has specs that are practically last generation. It also seems that some industry bods agree, and think that aiming consoles at non-gamers is a good thing for the industry.

‘I think Natal and things like Natal are going to revolutionise more than gaming,’ said Jason Rubin, former president of Naughty Dog on Game Trailer’s Bonus Round. ‘Putting Natal in the Xbox gives it the opportunity to become a lot more than just a gaming machine... the things you can do outside of gaming justifies buying Natal.

‘If Microsoft plays its cards right it can sell far more Xbox's ... to people who don't buy games.’

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