Napster takes on Spotify

Napster has given everyone who actually uses legal downloads (like us of course, officer) a reason to switch from super trendy Spotify, which as everyone knows is like way cool and that.

So what has Napster, which is like, so 2001, done to entice people to its services? It’s cut the price of its premium streaming and download service to only £5 a month, which we can all agree is a pretty reasonable price to pay for access to a huge amount of music. You’ll also get five MP3s thrown into the bargain as well, and if you choose to pay £10 a month you get 12 free MP3s. It looks like Napster is trying to flex its financial muscle.

Not only does this mean that you can get very good quality (in the technical sense at least, the less said about your Daphne and Celeste collection the better) on an ad-free site, it also means that Spotify might have to think about doing something similar if Napster drags users away from them. Is there a price war on the horizon? Let’s hope so.

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