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You should put serious consideration into getting ipod nano speakers if you own an ipod nano. The sixth generation of the nano been released which includes a 1.5 inch touch screen, an FM radio and even a pedometer. This is all the more reason to now get yourself those speakers you are looking for!

iworld.co.uk is a website that has hundreds of speakers to fit every ipod at discount prices.

The Amethyst iGhost touch sensitive speaker dock is one of the best sellers on the site. The iGhost is a cute and fun way to charge and listen to your ipod and even better, it is all controlled with touch sensitivity. The volume is controlled simply by tapping gently on the side of the iGhost's head. The sound quality is loud and crystal clear. The iGhost is available in a range of different colours and costs only £39.99.

The Logic3 iStation 11 speaker system is perfectly formed and well able to fill a room with quality sound whether it be music or a movie. The iStation 11 connects instantly with the speakers when the ipod is docked. The iStation 11 is finished in a smooth black satin texture to match the ipod's sophistication. This docking station can be yours for only £29.99 and is available in black and white.

iworld.co.uk provide a completely free and quick delivery service on all orders over £30. If you have any problems or queries, they also provide a fast online support service. To purchase any of these items or to see the full collection of nano speakers, please visit iworld.co.uk.



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