Nano? No, no…

Even though another American state has recently overturned its ban on sex toys, it seems Americans still aren’t down with their electronic devices. A study carried out by the University of Winconsin-Madison reveals two-thirds of Americans think nano-technology is morally wrong. Erm, pardon? They’re morally against technology because its components are tiny?

We know some folks in southern parts of America can find immorality in a saint. That’s pretty much a given. But this is a majority… what’s going on!?

They must just be a little scared of the advances of technology. Although we think there may be a way to get over this fear. Not the usual one – facing down your phobia. Going face to face with a microscopic component, would be pretty pointless.

We say, take these nano-opposed people and make them live without it. Then see how many of them would still be saying no to nano…

(Image: from The Alieness GiselaGiardino23’s flickr stream)

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