Want to find the cheapest Nano iPod in the UK?

The digital music revolution is one that took hold almost overnight. Following the release of the very first Apple iPod back in 2000, the music industry has changed almost completely when it comes to how it distributes music these days. Gone are the times when a brand new album would cost you as much as £20, and instead we are able to pick and choose our favourite songs for as little as 99p each on Apple's iTunes store.

However, despite that fact that this represents fanatastic value for money, there's still not much use that you can get out of this digital file format without having an iPod with which to listen to your favourite artists.

This is precisely why we have decided to take a look for the cheapest Nano iPod in the UK. Combining cutting edge technology with sleek and sophisticated style, the Nano is the fashionistas choice when it comes to Apple MP3 players.

Unlike its bulkier and more expensive counterparts, the Nano has everything you need from your MP3 player in a tiny chassis that fits comfortably into even the smallest pocket, or can be clipped onto your belt or shirt with ease.

The best price for the current, touch screen generation of the system comes from amazon.co.uk, who offer the 8GB 6th Generation iPod Nano for the great price of just £117.19, a hefty reduction on the £129.00 price tag found on the high street.

If you prefer buttons to touch screen technology, then you can take a look at the 4th Generation iPod Nano for sale on Play.com which features 8GB of storage for the knock down price of just £76.95 including free shipping.

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