All About The 6th Generation Nano iPod

Released in September 2011, the 6th generation of the Nano iPod underwent a dramatic change in both style and design. Gone was the long vertical body that housed both a screen and a menu wheel, replaced instead with a small cube more akin to the iPod Shuffle. However, despite the loss of a large percentage of it's body, the 6th generation of the iPod Nano was a step forward in technology, introducing a high resolution touch screen that rendered the controls of the past obsolete.

The screen resolution of 240x240 pixels is actually less than previous models, however the density of those pixels is higher at 220 pixels per inch. The battery takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge and can survive 24 hours of music playback.

The news is not all good, however and the loss of features such as the camera, video playback functionality and in-built voice recorder made the transition between generations hard to swallow for some, with the word 'downgrade' bandied about amongst fans.

The 6th generation of iPod Nano is available in colours including silver, graphite, blue, green, orange, pink, and red. With an onboard ram of 64MB and connection to computers via USB cable, the 6th generation matches the previous generation for many of its technical specifications.

Is It Still Available?

As of September 2011, the 6th generation of iPod Nano is still the official iPod sold by Apple, although talk of a 7th generation model is rife. Available in both an 8GB and 16GB model, priced £131 and £163 respectively, the iPod Nano can be found at the Apple online store by following the link http://www.apple.com/uk/ipodnano/.

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